Case Study on Structured Assignments, Inc.

Kyle Rudder on Oct 16, 2017
Growth Potential in the United States

Structured Assignments, Inc. (“SAI”), formerly TFSS International Inc., is an International Business Company which was incorporated in Barbados in 2010 and is currently under the management of Centurion Assurance Services Ltd.

SAI is a special purpose company which enters into periodic payment assignment contracts for structured settlements. The tax management programs which were developed initially catered solely to contingency fee attorneys. Through research and development, a similar program has been recently developed and offered to claimants utilizing SAI.

Whilst there are many outside experts for clients to consult with such as CPAs, tax attorneys and financial advisors, prior to making financial decisions, the correct choice of jurisdiction for SAI was instrumental in establishing the core foundation of the programs being offered.

Barbados provides the ideal conduit for structured settlement payment deferrals due to its double taxation agreement with the United States of America. Conducting business in Barbados also offers greater credibility to our clients due to its track record of being a well-regulated and transparent jurisdiction with a long history of economic, political and social stability.

The reputation and business climate of the island therefore was key in making our choice. What has been equally or even more important is the high level of service provided on a day-to-day basis by local business partners.

We anticipate that SAI will continue to experience excellent growth in this business environment based on our marketing efforts which have seen increased confidence by our clients. This jurisdiction has obviously benefited us, and we in turn will be seeking ways in the future to further contribute to the development of this society.

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